Frequently asked questions answered by BD Electricians

A light fixture in my house is flickering, what should I do?

Why are some outlets/lights working in a room and some are not?

There are many things that can cause this to happen. Possible causes of this are the outlets/lights that work are on a separate circuit than those that do not work. It is also possible an outlet is bad. Some outlets and light switches wear out and simple replacement fixes the problem. You will want to check your electrical panel's breakers to ensure there are no tripped breakers. If all the breakers are reset and on and you still can not get power to the outlet and/or light, call a licensed Memphis electrician to help you further diagnose the problem.

Why we will use BD Electrician's Services?

BD Electricians has consistently been in business since 2015 in Bangladesh. Our top quality mechanics have been with us for over a decade. They also are constantly going to classes and seminars to be up to date on code changes and new technology. We also have been involved in helping the community for years. We respect people’s homes, use drop clothes, clean up, and show up when appointments are scheduled. We are licensed throughout the Delaware Valley. Most of our success has been because of referrals..

Is knob and tube wiring safe?

Most houses that were built from 1990-2000 have knob and tube. Knob and tubing has its problems, soldering in walls and ceilings cannot be insulated and should not be used for today’s appliances, like, air conditioners, plug in heaters, etc. It depends on the condition of the wiring and each situation.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes, except for real estate transactions and for small repairs. Small repairs would be considered a service call and you would be charged our service call rate

Why do my fuses blow or breakers trip?

Usually because you have overloaded the circuit with things like; air conditioners, microwaves, plug in heaters, toasters, etc. It does not always matter how big your service is, it usually has to do with a branch circuit, which is from the breaker box to the problem device.

Why do my lamps burn out early?

There are several reasons, it could be the quality of the lamps you are using or the house could be at the high end voltage of the electric service on your street.

What are arc fault breakers and why do I need them?

Several years ago, the code was updated and it requires us to install arc fault breakers in the house wherever there are new lines being installed except for where GFCI devices are required (kitchens and bathrooms, etc.). This is a major breakthrough in our industry. This is one of the most intelligent breakers. They monitor the current and discriminate between normal and unwanted arcing conditions. Arc fault breakers are primarily designed to protect against electrical fires caused by arcing.